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1987 Dating Video

This completely hilarious montage of circa 1987 video dater men was featured on Boing Boing yesterday, and as one commenter mentioned, the guy at 3:34 was a dead ringer for Seth Green. Upon second viewing, I noticed that the guy at 2:27 looks and sounds like Seth Rogen.

That got me thinking. Is the Seth Green guy really Seth Green, filmed recently? Slipped into a montage of real 87 vid-daters? And if that is Seth Rogen, is it also current footage with makeup, because if it was really him he’d be about 5 years old in 1987. It seems odd that two Seths appear in one seemingly random new (old) funny video.

Anyway, aside from that, there’s lots of funny to be found in this new viral gem. Hard to pick a favorite, but the Goddess guy/ Bon Jovi afficionado is impressive.

Dating Montage by smithy00101

Photo credit: Seth Rogen by Philkon; Seth Green by David Shankbone.

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September 28th, 2009

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