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100 Acres of Pizza Served Daily in the US

According to a trade organization for the pizza industry, America gets about 100 acres of this food on a typical day:

For those of you yet to take lunch, we think it’s the perfect time for a hunger-inducing stat of the day. The Daily tells us, in a profile of healthy pizza purveyor Naked Pizza, that the United States pizza industry “serves about 100 acres of pizza a day.” This figure comes from the National Association of Pizza Operators, an organization that aims “to create and foster a community of independent and small chain pizzeria operators and their industry suppliers where doing business with one another is mutually beneficial.”

If this includes Chicago-style pizza, then the measurement really should be in cubic feet. Link -via First Things | Photo by Flickr user roolrool used under Creative Commons license

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June 24th, 2011

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