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10 Worst SNL Hosts

Next week is Saturday Night Live’s season premiere, so what better way to celebrate than to look back at the iconic TV series’ worst host ever to be invited on the show? For example:

Steven Seagal (April 20, 1991)
Seagal bears the special distinction of being the SNL host with the least detectable sense of humor. It’s not just that he didn’t know how to play comedy, but that he seemed to have no understanding of what this thing called “funny” was. Compared to him, hosts like George Steinbrenner and Rudolph Giuliani look like Conan O’Brien on laughing gas.

The show’s success depended on Seagal eliciting people’s laughter, a reaction that he couldn’t seem to get past responding to as a personal insult. This aroused concerns that, in the unlikely event that the audience might laugh at what he did in a sketch, he might take offense and charge into the crowd with violent intentions.

The fact that the musical guest that night was Michael Bolton made for an amount of pure awfulness per square inch that may have been unprecendented, not just in SNL history but that of all recorded time.

Phil Nugent of Nerve has the entire list. See if you agree: Link


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September 22nd, 2010

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