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WanderLinks: How Stadiums Enforce Lifetime Bans

Thanks so very much to everyone who contributed name suggestions for our new column. We’re going to test out a few different names this week, starting today with WanderLinks. I think it nicely conveys the fun, loose vibe we’ll try to serve up to help you get to quitting time each day. Cole, whether or not the name sticks, we owe you a t-shirt.

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From the “Google Can Actually Do That?” File
Because Google has never been happy with just searching for stuff around the web for you, they have added another useful entry to their ever-growing array of futuristic features; three-dimensional video tours of world landmarks. (Via Gizmodo)


So You Had A Few Too Many & You Punched A Stranger & Knocked Over A Cotton Candy Vendor & Stripped Naked & Streaked Across Left Field
And now you’re banned from the stadium for life. We’ve all been there. The real question is whether the ban will be enforced — and how.


Who Said You Could Only Make Square, Monochromatic People With Lego Blocks?
Nobody ever said that. It was just a contrived question I asked for that headline so that I could show you these cool Lego ads recreating notable cartoon characters.


May 7, 1896: This Guy Would’ve Gotten the Worst Ratings on Trip Advisor
The death of the world’s worst concierge took place 116 years ago today. If you haven’t read The Devil in the White City, I highly recommend it.


Don’t Worry, Be Happy That You’ll Finally Know Bobby McFerrin For Something New
Because now you’ll remember him as the guy that made this awesome human keyboard. Although it’s a real shame that this hilarious idea from Key & Peele never became a reality.


Does Anyone Have a “Things To Hear Before You Die” List?
If you do, BuzzFeed offers some suggestions.


The Part Where My Editor Jason Hijacks the Links to Ask for Personal Favors
Jason’s phone died on him yesterday, and the nice man at the Genius Bar gave him a new one. Jason had even miraculously backed up his phone hours before the crash. But when he restored from the backup, everything returned except the last hundred-or-so photos (some work-related pics, plus more like this). His only hope is that these .apalbum files are somehow related. (They were added to his computer during that last backup.) He’s offering a free t-shirt and a quiz on any topic you’d like if you help him solve the puzzle.

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May 7th, 2012

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