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The Missing Links: Why You Shouldn’t Rob a Bank

Morganna’s Topheavy Legal Defense
People of a certain age may recall the exploits of Morganna the Kissing Bandit, the buxom blond who became famous in the 1980s for rushing the field at Major League Baseball games and planting a big one on various players.

I was reminded of her recently while reading The Underground Baseball Encyclopedia. What I didn’t know about her is that after one of her many arrests, she claimed that her, ummmm, physical assets led her against her will into a life of crime. This old Sports Illustrated piece explains her defense strategy:

Arrested in Houston in 1985 after running onto the field and kissing Astros pitcher Nolan Ryan and shortstop Dickie Thon, she successfully used a “gravity defense,” claiming in court that physics caused her to fall over an Astrodome fence and onto the playing surface. “Who’s gonna argue,” she asked, “with Isaac Newton?”

Other Ballpark Notables to Watch For
Since Morganna is retired, you’ll have to instead hope your next trip to a ballpark includes spotting one of these famous stadium vendors or a baseball icon like Robert “The Happy Heckler” Szasz.


How Can There Not Be An Inception-Themed Set On This List?
That giant oversight aside, these nesting dolls are cool.


Don’t Hate Your Facebook Profile Timeline
Use it to create something cool.


Now William Shatner Just Needs An Apology For Being Made Into Michael Myers
After that all of the famous people masks made into horrific things on screen category should be closed out.


Feast On These Apps
They’re personally recommended by people who know their foods.


There’s A Reason There Are No Bank Robbers At Career Day
It’s because it really isn’t all that lucrative. And it’s illegal too. That probably factors in.


So House Hunters is Fake
People are angry and concerned.

Rent Out the Top Top Floor of Your Home
GridBid is a new website that allows homeowners to rent their roof space to solar panel installation companies. It’s pretty cool. Too bad I live in a condo.

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