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The Missing Links: Wes Anderson Bingo

Photo Gallery of the Day: Behind the Scenes at Paramount Pictures
The shot above is from a series of LIFE pictures taken in the 1970s.

Can anyone suggest some good sites that have a lot of photographs like these?


Vintage Glasses. Absent Parent. Luke Wilson. Bingo!
Wes Anderson fans will want to take a print out of this bingo card with them when they see his new flick.


This Recalls That Time Truman Consulted A Magic Eight Ball Before Deciding to Drop Those Two Nuclear Bombs
Wait, no that didn’t happen. Because rational politicians don’t base their decisions on children’s toys.


Creative Ways to Click For A Cause
This list of 10 Creative Charity Websites reminds me that I should mix in some good dee doing in with all of the hours I spend aimlessly wandering the interwebs.


Way To Make All Us Regular Skydivers Look Like Weenies
I thought I was the bravest man on Earth last summer when I went skydiving. I was not. This dude might own that title. Or maybe he’s just stupid.


Geek Out About Geeks
Since today is officially International Geek Pride Day, you should probably understand how a geek is defined. It’s not the same thing as a nerd. This helpful wiki explains how to tell the difference. This site contains a Geek-Dweeb-Dork-Nerd venn diagram.

It seems appropriate today to acknowledge one of the bonafide Geek Gods.


Cake = Wonderful. Tim Burton = Fantastic. Tim Burton Inspired Cake = Freaking-Amazing-Wonderful-Rad
Well if this here any just super geeky then I don’t know what is.

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May 25th, 2012

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