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The Missing Links: Turn Off the Lights & This Cat Will Glow

Still Unnerving Forty-Four Years Later

The photographs in the LIFE gallery on the RFK assassination are startling because they were taken only minutes or seconds before – or after – the horrible tragedy took place.

Make sure to check out the accompanying text below the photos for more information on them.


Nerd DIY: The Papercraft Enigma Code Machine
That’s a long way of saying “secret message encrypter thing that is moved around arranging some sort of pattern”. Wait, that’s much longer. We’ll just stick with what they called it.


16th Century Theatre Found, Fossilized Twizzlers Probably Still Scattered On the Ground
The theatre thought to have hosted William Shakespeare’s first plays, including Henry V.


Look At These Two Sentences. What’s Wrong With Them?
Give up? There are two spaces after the period. I finally feel vindicated after years of two-space oppression from the double spacebar people. (Via Breakfast Links)


Why Didn’t I Think of That?
Check out PopSci’s 2012 Invention Awards, and then beat yourself up for not coming up with a better lobster trap or a really useful inflatable abdominal tourniquet.


Pittsburgh Before People Cared About Breathing or Seeing
It’s my birthplace, it’s beautiful today and I love that city to no end, but Pittsburgh’s reputation for having once been a really dirty place was really well-earned.


Today I Learned On Reddit’s Today I Learned: Cats Can Glow In the Dark
And not just their creepy eyes. You just have to take that one small step of altering their DNA.

Pointless Note: The title of this post is a really unnecessary homage to Vanilla Ice.

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June 6th, 2012

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