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The Missing Links: The Bike Helmet You Can’t See (Until You Need It)

Invisible Bike Helmet = Mind Blown

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet | Fredrik Gertten from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.

The video starts slow, but wait for the bike helmet reveal. It’s awesome.


We All Get Attacked By A Kangaroo From Time to Time
It’s a fact of life. You know that old saying:

“Nothing is certain in life except death and taxes and getting assaulted by an angry marsupial.”

Well here’s how you deal with that little bit of inevitability.


Think $10 Doesn’t Get You Far These Days?
This writer got 3,300 miles out of a single bill.


Any Idea That Involves A Fish With A Speech Bubble Sounds Good To Me
Check out the idea behind the augmented reality kitchen, described by New Scientist:

Suppose you want to fillet a fish. Lay it down on a chopping board and the cameras will detect its outline and orientation so the projectors can overlay a virtual knife on the fish with a line indicating where to cut. Speech bubbles even appear to sprout from the fish’s mouth, guiding you through each step.

That is so cool.


I Bet You I Won’t Die
I see where gambling on your own demise may be helpful to ill patients, but it still feels really unseemly.


A Car Went 19 MPH in New York City’s Lincoln Tunnel?
Wow. That’s incredible, I have never even seen anything above a crawl, that’s really – wait, what? It actually went 190 MPH? No way.


August 16, 1987
Twenty-five years ago today, four-year old Cecelia Cichan was the only survivor of the crash of Northwest Airlines Flight 255 just outside Detroit. Today Cecelia is 29 years old and is sharing her memories of the tragedy whose victims included her mom, dad and brother.

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