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The Missing Links: That Second That Screwed Up the Net

The Internet Doesn’t Want You To Miss One Single Second
You’ve wasted hundreds, thousands, tens-of-thousands, probably hundreds-of-thousands of precious seconds on the internet (not the time you’ve spent on mental_floss, of course). So why should the internet care if you want one of those tiny little seconds back?


Where Do Criminals Disappear To?
When you hear about criminals fleeing the United States to avoid prosecution, you don’t imagine them fleeing to Russia. And guess what — you’d be right. Only three times has an extradition from Russia to the US happened since 2011. See where people are actually hiding out.


Germans Love ALF
ALF and 28 other American cultural entities that found greater popularity overseas.


You Never Reach A G-Force of 7 On the Kitchen Floor
This past weekend the X Games made the childhood dreams of countless kids spring brilliantly to life when they built and conquered a 66-foot tall looping Hot Wheels track.

Check out this link for video of the track in action.


Turn Your Dog Into A Corkscrew
Your hot dog that is. Before your frankfurters hit the grill, make sure you give them a nice spiral cut. This video explains how and why. Although, if your hot dog becomes a good “conversation piece,” you need some new friends at your cookout.


Long Live the Laughs
In my opinion, comedy films still exist and new ones are being made every year. For one writer, however, the movie comedy is dead. And he spreads the blame for that across SNL, YouTube, Judd Apatow and even Batman.

To prove that comedic films are not a thing of the past, I offer the following tweets from Neil deGrasse Tyson, who went to see the new film Ted – and made an academic pursuit of it:

In other words: as long as you get the placement of the stars in the sky correct, you’ll get no argument about the scientific implausibility of a stuffed animal that walks and talks.


…And Laughs After Death
I personally would like to be cremated. But I do see a lot of comedic value in a tombstone. As some people have proven, there are a lot of funny possibilities. Headstone QR codes offer up an even greater array of possibilities than ever before. Just imagine if people could scan a code on your grave marker and be taken to a YouTube clip of you speaking to them from beyond the grave.

And if you’re not someone with a totally perversely-macabre sense of humor, I suppose you could have the QR code redirect you to something sentimental too.

The possibilities are endless. How would you use yours?

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July 2nd, 2012

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