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The Missing Links: T.Hanks A Lot

Trampoline Bridge!

Oh. My. God. Trampoline Bridge. Tram. Po. Line. Bridge.

That makes me feel like this.

Speaking of The Simpsons


Happy 55th Birthday, Dan Castellaneta
Celebrate the birth of the voice of Homer Simpson by discovering four Simpsons controversies that didn’t end in lawsuits.


T.Hanks for the Great Costume Ideas
This clip from The Colbert Report is one of the best things I’ve seen in a while. Liberals and Conservatives will both love Tom Hanks’ Halloween costume ideas.


Human vs. Neanderthal
Who’s your money on?


The Amazing Passive-Aggressive, Knee-Saving Wonder Tool
A recent episode of This American Life opened my eyes to the Knee Defender. Flying will never be the same.


Now Is Captain Jack’s Opportunity
A ship used in the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean, Mutiny on the Bounty, and other films has been abandoned in advance of the Frankenstorm.


Teddy’s Softer Side
A recent article described just how tough Teddy Roosevelt really was. But he was far from one-dimensional, as this journal entry shows.

The Library of Congress confirms that this was, in fact, his.

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