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The Missing Links: Russia’s Secret Diamond Stockpile

News From the Springfield Precincts
The election is still several weeks away, but at least we know how Homer voted:


My Favorite Phrase of the Week: Diamond-Filled Asteroid Crater
The Russians may have a secret diamond source that contains TRILLIONS of carats worth of dazzle.


The Nutritional Value of Last Meals
Earlier this week, Matt Soniak served up the interesting tale of a condemned inmate that tried to eat his way out of the electric chair back in the 50s, partly by bulking up with a super-large last meal. Just today I came across this research abstract on the meals of executed prisoners, which states:

The average last meal is calorically rich (2,756 calories) and proportionally averages 2.5 times the daily recommended servings of protein and fat.


Don’t Mess With the CIA
You’d think that people who worked for the CIA would know this best of all.


Don’t Like Hipsters?
Avoid these places.


My Adolescent Self Thinks Nolan Bushnell Is A Great Man
He created Chuck E. Cheese’s AND the Atari.

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September 21st, 2012

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