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The Missing Links: Running in the Rain

This Helped Me TODAY When I Went to Get Lunch
I still got drenched. But, I think less than I would have.


The Worst Thing About Rain Is That It Destroys These
These artistic masterpieces go far beyond “Wash Me.”


How Long Do School Attacks Reverberate?
The biggest one in American history still haunts people, and it happened in 1927.


For Those With A Hobbit Habit
Enjoy this really well-written rundown of facts and trivia about the book version of Bilbo’s journey.


Some Netflix Suggestions For Bluth Lovers
Fans of Arrested Development will wish they could really watch these.


A Few Things About the Internet I’ll Miss When the World Ends Tomorrow
This commercial, amazing interactivity like this picture of Mount Everest, the schadenfreude of seeing people get put in their place online.


And, In Case the World Doesn’t End: Mark Your Calendars Now
We now know that the Channel 4 news team will be delivering a very merry Christmas in 2013.

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December 20th, 2012

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