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The Missing Links: Rules for Running With the Bulls

The Running Bulls Rules
The first rule of running with bulls is probably, ummmm, don’t. Second rule is that if you’re going to do it anyway, be really prepared. This video will help get you there.


Fancy Dining Tip: Don’t Insult the Chef By Calling His Food “Whale Puke” When It’s Clearly “Whale Feces”
Eat up everyone, there’s more and more of this stuff washing up on shore all the time!


Something to Think About the Next Time You’re in a Footrace With a Horse
How come humans can outrun horses but can’t jump higher than cats?


Were You Attempting to Make a Really Irritating Website?
Finally web designers can add the old Microsoft paperclip character Clippy to any site they want! The world has been demanding this. (Via The Awesomer)


The Science of Old Person Smell
Factual affirmation for little kids everywhere.


The Hardest Word to Spell in Hangman
According to a mathematician, it’s this.


What’s Going on in Charleston This Week?
Some of my fellow _flossers are headed to Charleston, South Carolina, for a big fancy meeting. What should they do there (besides the 12 hours of daily meetings, I mean)?

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June 4th, 2012

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