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The Missing Links: Presidential Movie Monsters

Colin Perkins
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Heroes in Action Toys

Baracula, Zombush & Lincolnstein

U.S. Presidents have been made into classic movie monster action figures. Well it’s about time.


Silly Video: Lance Armstrong Is A Creep

And he’s not afraid to admit it. In song.


Blergh Blows Up

Anne Hathaway recently dropped one of Liz Lemon’s trademark expressions while accepting a Golden Globe. Check out all of the great new language that 30 Rock has given us.


This Meal Is So Earthy

That’s because it’s dirt.


Nate Silver Renders the Super Bowl Useless

After he offers his analysis, it sort of makes the game feel unnecessary.


Rome’s Colosseum Has Been Vandalized

But it happened a few thousand years ago.


Oh, Parents

You’re so unbelievably out of touch.


Run Spot, Run!

These photos of animals in motion—some of them racing—are adorable and hilarious. (The crab is the best.)

January 30, 2013 – 5:12pm

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January 31st, 2013

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