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The Missing Links: It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I’m Making Money)

The (End of the) World Economy Is Booming
The world will end sometime. So you might as well make some money off of the apocalypse while you can. And if you do, make sure you spend it soon, because when the end comes around I don’t think all that cash will do you much good.


Darwin Didn’t Have A Lot to Say About Nessie
Whether you think religion and/or evolution should or should not be taught in schools, you’d probably agree that under no circumstances should the Loch Ness Monster be used by either side as factual evidence to back up their claims.


Ransom Riggs’ Skinny Leg Blues
Longtime _flosser and best-selling author Ransom Riggs put together this gorgeous video snapshot in time as a way to try to understand and connect with the father he never knew.


Parents: You’d Better Know the Difference Between Pixar’s Brave & Kiara the Brave
As long as Hollywood is turning out blockbuster films, smaller companies will be attempting to fool consumers with similarly titled knockoffs.


It’s Just One Starry Night After Another
Have you seen the one made out of dominoes? Well, how about the ones made of bacon or bottle caps?


If It’s Impossible to Say, Expect to Pay
We all know that person who purports themself to be a wine expert. They know all about vintage and regions and varieties and food pairing and tannins. Surely they couldn’t be suckered into paying a higher price for a wine just because it’s named something fancy and ornate and French, right?

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June 26th, 2012

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