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The Missing Links: It’s Raining Sharks

Search For Bobby Fischer At Your Own Peril

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The chess master was a complex and confusing guy.


Hands Down the Coolest, Most Colorful Copenhagen Park You’ll See Today
This thing actually is really, really interesting and probably unlike any park you have near your home.


I Would Have Expected A Birdie
A live shark fell from the sky on a California golf course.


I Wonder If He Placed A Tiny Little Jimmy Hoffa Underneath
This Giants fan spent $20,000 building a gigantic model of Giants Stadium. You’ll be impressed, and maybe a little sad.


That’s the Kind of Thing An Idiot Would Have On His Luggage
Check out the worst passwords of 2012. Then go change yours.


Halloween Costumes As Art
These fantastic tutorials show you how to create incredible art-themed Halloween costumes.

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October 25th, 2012

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