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The Missing Links: It’s Oz-Inspiring

This Looks Oz-Some

I’m sorry for the puns, but it does.


If I Didn’t Know Any Better I’d Say They Didn’t Like It
The New York Times reviewed Guy Fieri’s new NYC restaurant and their thoughts are scathing at best, but very entertaining.


Alone Star State
Is Texas secession actually possible?


Burning Down Buckingham Palace
Sure it was a replica, but it was a really cool, really good replica. Luckily, it burned for a good cause.


Step 1: Add One Ingredient to the Other Ingredient. Step 2: Eat it.
If you can’t master these recipes, give up.


The Number of the Day: 4,000,000,000
That’s the number of text messages Americans send IN A SINGLE DAY. That said, this number may be on a slight decline.


Hey, Maybe Putting A Voting Precinct Here Wasn’t A Good Idea After All
This polling location was designed to serve the seldom-discussed fish-frog-turtle segment of the electorate.


Do You Like Sriracha?
Of course you do. Everyone does. But, are you addicted?


Homer J. Simpson’s Top Ten List
America’s favorite yellow dad visited David Letterman’s show recently to share his own special brand of patriotism.

This isn’t the first time a purely ink-based guest has graced the stage of the Ed Sullivan Theater. Letterman once had Beavis and Butt-Head on as guests.

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November 14th, 2012

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