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The Missing Links: In 1492, Columbus Sailed … Into A Mall?

In A Perfect World, Science Museums Wouldn’t Have to Advertise
But since it isn’t and they do, you might as well make sure the advertisements are geeky and cool to show off your science smarts.


Energy: Sure. Education: Absolutely. Cancer: Huh?
Until I read this article, I never really considered that carcinogens might have their own lobbyists.


To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before – With A Little Help From A Snotty Tissue
Will microbes unlock the path to other planets?


The Machine That Giveth & Taketh Away
If you take the video of the machine that destroys everything and simply reverse it, you get a magical, God-like creator mechanism.


Banned Book Trading Cards
Collect and trade them with all your closest droogs.


It’s Columbus Day
Sounds like a good day to find out how Christopher Columbus was led by birds, saved by pickles, and preserved for all time (or 2-3 days) in cake form.


Also Relevant on Columbus Day
How much of Mother Earth is “owned” by more than one group of people?


Also Also Relevant on Columbus Day
Has anyone out there been to the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta and seen the Santa Maria replica inside the mall?

Also: Why couldn’t some mall have taken in One-Eyed Willie’s ship, the Inferno? Apparently, after filming of The Goonies was complete, the producers tried to find someone to take in the fully-functioning set piece and could find no takers. So they destroyed it. That brings a tear to my eye.

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October 8th, 2012

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