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The Missing Links: I’m So Hungry I Could Eat a Book

The 1950s Were Just Like an Incredibly Exaggerated Version of What I Imagine the 1950s Were Like

The imminent threat of a face-melting nuke explosion can really jar a kid. Thankfully, Bert the Turtle was available to calm all those little PF Flyer-wearing 50s kids in this actual, real video.

There are so many great lines in this thing. I thought about sharing some of my favorites, but this post would go on for days. Feel free to share yours in the comments below.


If You Think a Cheeseburger Has All the Nutritional Value of Eating A Book, You’re Right
Specifically, this book.


I Guess the Twizzlers People Thought “Makes Mouths Happy” Was A Better Slogan Than “May Contain Anti-Inflammatory Properties”
All this time I thought I was being willfully ignorant with my licorice addiction, when I was actually being a real health nut.


Correction: Jackie the Ripper
Actually, the famous murderer’s real name may ALLEGEDLY have been Lizzie Williams.


Somebody Yahoo This
Is it possible to survive on the Internet using Bing (and only Bing)?


Bookshelf Porn
Flavorwire rounds up 30 gorgeous bookshelves.


God Don’t Need No Adobe Products
All of these amazing photographs are presented to you in their natural, sans-Photoshop state.


You’re Not the Person Who Has Everything Until You Have 24-Carat Shoelaces, Your Own Fortune Cookie Maker, A Million Dollar Pair of Headphones…
Or any of the other dozens of items on this list.

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May 10th, 2012

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