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The Missing Links: How to Turn Junk Mail Into A Big Payday

A Perfectly Legal $95,000 Bank Heist
Patrick Combs deposited a $95K junk mail bank check as a joke, fully expecting the transaction to be declined. Lucky for him the bank accepted the check – and it was totally legal. Needless to say the bank was none too pleased when they realized their error.


The Bluths Are Back
The new season of Arrested Development starts shooting today.


Women & Children First, Right?
Nope, not necessarily.


The Recipe for a Julia Child Supercut
1. Combine 1 giant chunk of funny voice, a handful of silly costumes, a dash of British wackiness.

2. Mix in a splash of Guns N’ Roses.

3. Enjoy.


“I Drink Your Plans For Secession. I Drink Them Up”
Check the first image of Daniel “Oscar Machine” Day-Lewis as Honest Abe.

(And if you don’t get that headline, you MUST watch There Will Be Blood. One of the the very, very, very best films ever.)


Next We’ll Be Using Mario & Luigi to Teach People About Plumbing
Now when my 2 year old son asks to play “Angy Burrs”, I’ll know I’m just helping him become the next Will Hunting.


You’ll LOL When You Find Out Who Got the First OMG
I wonder if these two were BFF.

OK, gotta go now. TTYL.

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August 7th, 2012

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