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The Missing Links: How to Make Your Funeral Really Creepy

It’s Pay Day. No, It’s Lottery Day.
An Argentinian mayor combats budget problems by paying only the workers whose names get drawn, lottery-style. What could go wrong?


Would You Like Fries With That Gold Medal?
Saul Craviotto, a Spanish Olympian, recently tweeted a picture of the outfit he and his fellow countrymen will be wearing at the Olympics.


There’s Someone For Everyone
These 13 super-specific social networks prove it.


Sir, Yes (Sniff) Sir
Do military personnel get to take sick days?


The World’s Eeriest Urn
If you’re like me and wish to be cremated rather than buried, you might consider requesting a personalized ash resting place from Cremation Solutions. They create urns made to look just like the head of the person inside it.

As far as the company’s name goes, I’m not sure what problem is being met with a “solution,” unless you consider it a problem that your loved ones won’t be creeped out every single time they walk past the fireplace.


The Bluths. The McFlys. The Whites. The Buellers. The Drapers.
Fabulous family photos captured in colored pencil.


The Dirty Thirties
From the archives: 12 Things You Might Not Know About the Dust Bowl.

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July 25th, 2012

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