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The Missing Links: How Dogs Help You Meet That Special Someone

Book Smarts At Work
You know what is commonly true of people that love reading? They’re smart. So they can probably come up with a crafty way of combating their enemies. Case in point: the Troy, Michigan Library:

Big thanks to my brother Ryan for sending this link my way.


People That Eat Food: Read This At Your Own Peril
If you’re someone that makes the consumption of foodstuffs a frequent habit, you need to read this – but probably won’t like that you did. (Contains NSFW language)


Today I Learned on Reddit’s Today I Learned: Dogs Are A Man’s Best Friend – Because They Help You Recall a Lady’s Digits
All I would be thinking about while walking a dog would be “Oh my God, in a minute I’m going to have to grab this dog’s poo with only a thin layer of plastic bag over my hand. That’s going to be nasty”. But apparently a dog can help you think more useful things too.


Get Smarter
Housekeeping announcement: We’ve teamed up with Lumosity to offer up more brain games. Give it a whirl!


Conduct Your Own Guided Tour of Louie’s World
Get off the subway where he does. Grab a piece of pizza at Ben’s like he does. Do a 5-minute set at the Comedy Cellar. Have at it.


A Minimalist Approach to Famous Films
Classic Cinema in 3 GIFs seeks to prove the belief that even the most epic films can be boiled down to a few animated moments. Before this The Wizard of Oz installment, there was The Godfather, Citizen Kane, A Clockwork Orange and more.


Tony Nicklinson’s Taking His Right-to-Die Campaign to Twitter
A man named Tony Nicklinson, who suffers from Locked-in Syndrome, has been tweeting and getting a lot of attention as the face of the assisted suicide issue.


Dear Reader,

I will not be posting any more links today, because I will be busy reading this list of the 10 Coolest Absence Notes.


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June 18th, 2012

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