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The Missing Links: How Are These Legal Again?

If You’ve Been Hoping To Clone Ronald Reagan, You Might Find This Helpful
This seems, as the article says, rather craven.


Memes: Collect the Whole Set
These meme trading cards are pretty nifty


Today I Learned On Reddit’s Today I Learned: Someone Wanted to Drop Nukes Into A Volcano
“I believe that explosives dropped down their throats may cause such a vomiting of lava and ash as to hasten the day of unconditional surrender.” (Via Reddit user sino7)

I’m pretty sure Dr. Evil stole this exact plan years later.


Detroit (Salt) Rock City
Way beneath the Motor City is a massive 1,500 acre mining community with more than 100 miles of roads.


That Jet Limousine Has Got To Be A Tough One to Parallel Park
Good news: That huge, dangerous vehicle you own might be street legal.
(Warning: Article contains NSFW language)


I’m Going to Form A Group Called “American Citizens United for A Better American Tomorrow Without Super PACs”
That way we can rid ourselves of all these silly names.

Bonus Link: Stephen Colbert explains the difference between a PAC and a Super PAC.


Uncle Drew Can’t Jump. Or Can He?
Sometimes the guy that nobody wants on their team turns out to be quite the player. And sometimes that’s because it’s actually an NBA superstar with a bunch of prosthetics on.

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May 22nd, 2012

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