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The Missing Links: Horrible Things That Make You Happy

Looking at Einstein’s Brain: There’s An App For That?
Yes, yes there is.


Charles Manson Just Doesn’t Make As Much Sense As You’d Think
And that’s certainly saying something. Take, for instance, this note he sent to his musical namesake.


Riding the Subway is the Key To Happiness
Well, it’s one of them, anyway—along with fighting, watching depressing films and thinking about your own demise. Confused? Check out Cracked’s list of the things science says make you smile.


It’s Been Five Decades Since We Met George Jetson
…His Boy Elroy, Daughter Judy, Jane His Wife. So, how’s that robotic future coming along?


Speaking of the Futuristic Ideas
How about a clock that exists in the 4th dimension and can continue going even if the universe doesn’t?


Sadness at Dunder Mifflin
Even though it will be sad to see The Office through to the end of this, its final season, there is one departed staff member (not named Michael Scott) that we’re really going to miss this year.


RIP: Andy Williams
If you know nothing else about him, you should know that without his iconic song Moon River, we’d never have gotten one of the funniest moments in this film.

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September 26th, 2012

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