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The Missing Links: Hey, I Know That Olympian From Somewhere

Exactly How Big Is Our Solar System?
Ummmm, really big.

And: How big is infinity? Ummmm, also extremely big.


But If You Want to See the Other Kind of Stars
Those of you who love that grandiose pomp that is Inside the Actor’s Studio will love this remix of the show’s closing questionnaire.


If each of these Olympic athletes seems really familiar, it might be because they’re leading a double life as a cartoon character, actor, or little kid. Just look at these doppelgangers and you’ll see what I mean.


Strange Science: Staring Contests
In order to win staring contests (and I know this is high on everyone’s priority list), you’ve got to understand the science of staring.


Maxwell’s Silver Hammer Came Down Upon His Head
…And yet it still didn’t make this list of songs that take place in a court of law.

If you aren’t familiar with that particular song by The Beatles, check out this animated video accompanying the upbeat ditty about a guy named Maxwell that kills people – including the judge in a courtroom – with a silver hammer. It’s a weird and wonderful song.


August 9, 1974: Nixon Flashes the Double Peace Sign
Richard Nixon resigned the presidency 38 years ago today and left the White House by helicopter – but not before flashing the iconic double peace sign to the watching crowd. I still can’t figure out why he has such a huge smile on his face.

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August 9th, 2012

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