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The Missing Links: Do Dogs Ever Really Eat Homework?

Why Did the Dog Eat Your Homework?
Or, why do you say that happened?


I Guess the Dinosaurs Are Really Gone
A while back I posted a link about a guy hoping to create real, actual Jurassic Park-ish dinosaurs. Well, I guess that isn’t happening. Thanks a lot, “science.” And “facts.” And “rationality.”


Now You Can Hug Someone From the Other Side of the World
All you have to do is “Like” their Facebook status, and hope they’re wearing this hugging vest.


New York City’s Outer Space Auction
It takes place this weekend. So head over there and get yourself a nice space projectile for your home.


Maybe I Should Have Passed On Biodome In Favor Of One of These?
I’m sad to report that I have only seen 19 of the 50 best films of the 1990s. And, yes, I saw Biodome. In the theater. I was 15 at the time. I know that’s no excuse, but I feel better for admitting it.


I Am A Nerdish Radio God…
Ira Glass, creator and star of This American Life, is doing a Reddit AMA today.

For those of you that listen, Ira’s weekly revelation of what his boss, Mr. Torey Malatia, has to say to wrap up the show is one of my favorite things ever.

Also: Our own awesome writer Chris Higgins has contributed to TAL.


Jerry Seinfeld Tried To Save Frank Sinatra’s Life
Well, that’s probably a stretch. OK, it’s definitely a stretch. But I was reading up on Sinatra’s death and found it interesting that one of the EMTs that attended to him reported that they were able to get him to the hospital really quickly on the night he passed away (May 14, 1998) because at the time the streets were nearly empty due to the fact that the Seinfeld series finale was airing at the time.

For her part, Nancy Sinatra blames Jerry Seinfeld.


Get to Work Handing Out These Pedestrian Penalty Cards
You would probably run out of some of them really quickly . (Contains NSFW language)

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October 10th, 2012

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