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The Missing Links: Diabolical Villains Love Their Fruit Pies

The Boy Who Found A Dead President Lincoln

Back in the 50s, a teenage boy uncovered the only photograph of the deceased President Lincoln known to exist. Here is the story.


Also Presidential: Planning A Trip to Paraguay?
Be sure to check out the Rutherford B. Hayes statue.


The 64-Day Nap
As a person with narcolepsy, this story makes me realize just how good I actually have it.


The Hostess Silver Lining
If Hostess products really do go away—and they might not—at least we know the Joker won’t have the satisfaction of enjoying a delicious fruit pie.


The Most Successful Photograph In Social Media History Almost Wasn’t Used
The Obama campaign had another option in mind also.


The Only Place On Earth That Will Be Spared (from the Doomsday That Isn’t Happening)
Book your tickets for Bugarach now. But, again, this whole apocalypse thing isn’t happening.


Everyone Wants to Be A Muppet Cover Model
And for Jason Bateman, Ricky Schroder, Pee-wee, Mr. T and the Fonz, that grand dream became a wonderful reality.

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November 20th, 2012

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