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The Missing Links: Carny Slang

Olympics + Math = Great
Love the Olympics? Yes, you do. Love arithmetic? Like I even have to ask. Well, even if you hate them both, you’ll enjoy watching this mashup. (Via Digg)


You Too Can Sound Like A Carny
While doing some research on carnival ride accidents in preparation for my trip to the state fair (Deep Fried Crisco, here I come!) I stumbled upon this awesome Wikipedia page of Carny Slang.

If you don’t start incorporating some of these into your everyday conversations, you have failed at life.


“Let him fight instead of being shot. A Lincoln”
Honest Abe saves a soldier’s life with a few quick words.


Great Ideas: How About A Water Slide That NEVER Ends?

Yes please. (Via Unique Daily)


What Would A Prequel to The Shining Be Like?
We may just find out.


What Would A Real Jurassic Park With Actual Cloned Dinosaurs Be Like?
We just might find this out, too.


It’s A Good Idea to Text & Eat Food & Talk On the Phone While Driving
At least when you’re inside Ford’s driving distraction simulator.

And in other car testing news: Crash test dummies are getting fatter.

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August 2nd, 2012

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