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The Missing Links: Beware of Sarcastic Computers

Possibly A Random Rock. Probably the Millenium Falcon.
Believe what you will, I know this random shape they’re diving down to inspect is Captain Solo’s ship. Just check out the side-by-side comparison. (Via Steven Lee Merkel)


It’s National Donut Day
Today? What? Why? Where?

Bonus donut coverage!


This Really Gives New Meaning to the Word “Up”
It actually works really well though.


Sarcastic Computers Are A Really Bad Idea
Just imagine what that could mean:

“Oh, go ahead and hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete. I’ll just drop everything and stop your frozen program for you. I have TONS of free time.”

“Are you trying to spell ‘definitely’? Yeah, you were soooooooooo close.”

“This new printer you bought is really great. No, really, there’s no way this thing will definitely jam all of the time.”


Do You Like Solving Geeky Mysteries?
PopSci needs your help with one that spans back 14 decades.


Sometimes Timelines Curve or Flow Uphill
It just depends on who you ask.


Sunny Days, Sweeping the Individuals That Hold Up Under Intense Interrogation Away
The Children’s Television Workshop gets called in for the ones that are especially tough to crack.

What song would get you to spill the beans immediately?

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June 1st, 2012

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