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The Missing Links: Beard Yeast Beer

I’m Gonna Pass on the Face Yeast Beer
This brewery is going to start making beer with yeast they harvested from their brewmaster’s bearded face.


It’s Just Your Common, Everyday Nazi Space Rock Buddha Statue
This thing is pretty cool.


Relax, Internet Friends
There will be no bacon shortage.


The Bride & O-Ren Hug It Out
If you’re a fan of the Kill Bill films, you’ll enjoy these behind the scenes set photos released by Miramax.


Did Your Grandfather Ever Tell You Stories About Growing Up With Dinosaurs?
Probably not. But this chart seems to suggest that the last dinosaurs died out during the Calvin Coolidge administration.


What A Ph. D. Knows
According to this illustration, they should know just enough to know how little they know, ya know?


A Baseball Comeback Update
A few weeks back I posted a link to the story of Adam Greenberg and his journey to get back to the bigs after being hit in the head on the first and, until now, only major league pitch he’d ever stood in against. Now it seems the Marlins are going to give him the chance to walk up to the plate again.

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September 27th, 2012

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