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The Missing Links: An 18-Mile Ice Cube

The HMS Bounty Is Lost

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Yesterday I posted a link about a famous ship used in the filming of several movies, which had to be abandoned. The ship has now sunk and some members of the crew are missing.
Enough Already
Cracked presents a few pop culture arguments that we’ve all had enough of at this point (NSFW language).


Evacuating A Hospital
The logisitics of managing the movement of so many patients, some in extremely critical condition, is staggering. Find out how they pulled off this awe-inspiring feat last night.


In Other Mother Nature News
An 18-mile long section of ice is close to breaking free from Antarctica.


Sad Zoo Enclosures
I am incredibly fortunate to live close to the Columbus Zoo, which is one of the nation’s most renowned animal preservation facilities. But not all zoos are as nice or carefully cared for, as evidenced by some of the enclosures in this article.


Stars Are Just Like Us (Except for the Wealth, the Fame & These Insane Homes)
These pads are all unquestionably unique.


Science Tells Us: Where the Soul Goes
Dr. Stuart Hameroff is using science to try to better understand consciousness, near-death experiences and the nature of the soul.


Science Tells Us: Who’s the Happiest Man
There’s not a lot of grey area when it comes to Matthieu Ricard’s mind—just a lot of grey matter.


Can’t Beat Free
Horror master Stephen King is giving away his new digital comic book for free.


Feathering The Storm
How do birds fare in really bad weather?

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October 30th, 2012

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