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The Missing Links: A Papier-Mâché Statue of Tom Hanks

Thank you so much to Julia Davis for filling in last week while I was out of town!


What’s a Papier-Mâché Statue of Tom Hanks Cost to Build These Days?
About $10,000 if you believe this Kickstarter project. The creators of the project weren’t actually serious about the statue. They are, however, trying to make a serious point about Kickstarter itself.


“A Hush Comes Over the Crowd As He Attempts This Vital Birdie Putt Through the Clown’s Mouth”
ImprovEverywhere pulls off their latest group effort – taking the uptight, etiquette-heavy world of golf to the laid back, windmill-filled world of mini golf.


Get In Your Car & Go Be Inspired
Matador Trips offers up the world’s most inspiring road trips – complete with gorgeous photography.


Piranha Scissors
What else can you say? Piranha scissors.


How Does Marlon Brando Not Hold Every Single Spot On This List?
He’s just one of the mush-mouthed thespians on this compilation of the 20 most memorably inarticulate movie performances.


The Force Is Strong With Carly Rae Jepsen
The collected characters of the Star Wars galaxy cover her big hit, Call Me Maybe. And it’s surprisingly hilarious.


SkyMall Silliness
Flying home yesterday I started flipping through the SkyMall magazine, because it always provides a lot of “What the heck is the point of that?” entertainment. In doing so I encountered plenty of examples of this:

- Rednek Glassware (AKA Mason jars with glass wine stems attached to the bottom)
- A toothbrush that plays two minutes of a Justin Bieber song as you use it so you know how long you’re supposed to brush for.
- “New York Yankees For Her” Perfume (“The essence of greatness”)

However, this picture for a cat potty training device pretty much sums up the ridiculousness of most stuff in that catalog:

When even your cat gives you this look, you know you’ve probably wasted your money. (But if you want to order it, here you go)

What’s the oddest thing you’ve seen in SkyMall? Has anyone ever actually purchased something from SkyMall?

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July 16th, 2012

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