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The Missing Links: A How-To Guide for Playboy Bunnies

The 1968 Playboy Club Bunny Manual
Be mindful of the rules of Bunny Behavior so you won’t have to have a “Personal Meeting with the Bunny Mother.”


If They Tore A Stitch, Then You Must Snitch
One of O.J. Simpson’s prosecutors offers a new theory on the famous bloody glove (albeit 17 years too late).

Other Headlines I Considered:
– If they try to fudge, you must tell the Judge.
– If they alter the fit, you must mention it.
– If they tamper with evidence, then you shouldn’t wait almost two decades to say something because c’mon, if you really think that happened you really should have said something then.


Meanwhile, on the Other Side of Our Office…
In New York, mental_floss shares an office with sister-publication The Week. Today they announced Marc Ambinder was joining Nicely done.


Strange Science: Salt & Vinegar Chips
I like Salt & Vinegar potato chips, but they also sort of seem like something that a Flavor Designer came up with because he/she forgot about some new-flavor-design deadline one day and found themselves in a meeting just riffing:

“My new flavor will be, ummm, well, salt – of course. They are chips. Gotta have salt, right? And, with the salt… will… be… uhhh, vinegar?”


Ohio University Wasn’t Always A Party School
So much so that our Vice President almost got arrested there. Of course, this was almost 50 years ago. They’ve come a long way.


A Lazy Indiana Jones Is A Much Better Indiana Jones
Good thing he took the easy way out.


Alien Anatomy
I don’t see anything in this diagram that would explain why Gizmo can’t eat after midnight.


“Oh, you’re the guy that yells!”
The great Lewis Black talks about his career.

Also: I had the great pleasure of meeting Lewis Black once. And, despite me believing I would never do this to a comedian, I did the old cliche where I went up and mentioned one of his bits to him. I told him how my friend and I constantly say “If it weren’t for my horse…”. And even though I’m sure I really annoyed him by doing that, he was really super nice.

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September 10th, 2012

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