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The Late Movies: Tim Burton

Filmmaker Tim Burton has made plenty of feature films, animations, shorts, and side projects. His Frankenweenie is now in theaters. Here are some other Tim Burton clips you might like.

Frankenweenie 1984

Frankenweenie was a half-hour story the first time Burton made it. Stop-motion was expensive, so this version was live-action. Only part one is gown here. You can see parts two and three at YouTube.


Tim Burton’s first stop-motion animation, from 1982. Yes, that’s Vincent Price doing the narration.

Jack Skellington

The star of the 1993 stop-motion musical The Nightmare Before Christmas charms us with song.

Stainboy Episode one: The Girl Who Stares

Stainboy is a series from Finch Studio created by Tim Burton in 2000.

The Corpse Bride

Tim Burton has a thing for skeletons. In 2005′s The Corpse Bride, they sing about how we all die.

Tim Burton’s Secret Formula

Or maybe it’s not so secret. From College Humor.

Johnny Depp is Tim Burton in Tim Burton’s Tim Burton

A possible future project for Burton, from Cracked.

Frankenweenie 2012

Many years later, Burton got to remake his earlier project in stop-motion form, the way he always wanted to. The film opened today in theaters.

The Art of Tim Burton

A compilation of all kinds of Tim Burton sketches, clips, and ideas.

The Films of Tim Burton

A brief overlook of the many different films of Tim Burton, all woven together with that familiar Danny Elfman music.

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