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The Late Movies: The Andy Griffith Show

Sunday is the 50th anniversary of the premiere of The Andy Griffith Show. There’s no better time to relive some of the classic moments in the show, with some parodies and remixes thrown in as well. Find out more in the post Remembering the People of Mayberry. Now enjoy the Late Movies!

The Preamble to the Constitution


Aunt Bee’s Pickles


Why Study History?

Andy has some advice for Opie and his friends.

Barney and Gomer in a Haunted House


Aunt Bee’s Medicine Man

Condensed for your entertainment.

A Barney Fife Compilation



The Darlings (The Dillards) gave Mayberry some great musical interludes.

And a few examples of pure silliness:

Nip It In The Bud


The Andy Griffith Show of Women

The biggest compliment you can give a woman?

Single Ladies in Mayberry


Sweeney Floyd

Was Floyd really the sweet but idle barber he seemed?

Take Me Back to Mayberry

Written by Jesse Goldberg and Bill Flowerree and sung by Jesse Goldberg.

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