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The Late Movies: Starfish

Starfish are also called sea stars these days, as they are not fish. Of course, they aren’t stars, either. But they sure perform nicely for a camera! Here are some of the things that starfish can do.

Turning Over

This starfish took over six minutes to right itself, but thanks to time-lapse photography, we get to see the fast version.

Undersea Flip

A scuba diver turned this nine-legged starfish upside down to see what would happen. This one’s recovery plan was a bit different from the starfish above.


Professor Blake Barron from Santa Barbara City College explains how starfish grow new legs after they lose one.


A starfish thrown onto the shore at St. Augustine Beach makes his getaway back to the water.


A starfish with many legs eats sea urchins. A couple of them manage to escape!

Plant Imitation

A Basket Starfish doesn’t do a lot, but it sure looks funny!


The first part of this time-lapse video shows barnacles and sea snails. Then a starfish goes walking in its own strange way.

Walking on Legs

Unlike the starfish above, the brittle star species uses its legs (or are they arms?) to walk around the sea floor.


The video of the red Feather Starfish doing its strange locomotion is what inspired this list.

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September 23rd, 2011

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