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The Late Movies: Nine Terrible Videos

I won’t make you guess the theme of tonight’s Late Movies — it’d be way too obvious. I searched YouTube for the most terrible videos I could find — most of which have the word “terrible” in the titles. The results are, well … interesting.

Ever play a game through to the end — maybe 20-30 hours of work — only to be rewarded by a hastily thrown-together 10-second end screen?

Quite possibly the most terrible cover of the most terrible song on YouTube.

Terrible Tuesday saw a massive tornado rip through Wichita, Kansas in April of 1979. Here’s what happened.

Glad I wasn’t on this plane.

Some really terrible auditions. Record scratch! Cut to Simon!

A terrible — and very fictional — accident. Great special effects, though!

“My Terrible Friend” is a two-woman band who did a not-terrible (actually quite good) cover of Tom Waits’ song “Diamonds and Gold.” Love it:

Some clips from The Room, everyone’s favorite terrible movie. Some NSFW language and situations!

Good cop, terrible cop — a fun comedy sketch from “The Whitest Kids U Know.”

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May 9th, 2011

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