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The Late Movies: Extreme Sledding

I’ve watched the snow fall all day long. I’m content to stay inside and watch, but there are those who take full advantage of snow’s slippery properties on sleds or skis. Don’t try this at home.

Extreme Sledding

Anyone who stays on the sled all the way down wins! I don’t believe there were any winners that day.

Sledding Behind a Snowmobile

Which is pretty much what snowmobiles are for, if you live anywhere besides the Arctic Circle.

Sledding Behind a Train

Recorded in France. This will get you arrested, if not killed.

Behind a Jet Fighter

Pulled by a Swedish Air Force fighter jet.

Skiing on Park Avenue

Chris took advantage of the recent New York City blizzard to ski down the street, towed by a car at 40 mph.

Amish Skiing

You don’t have to even have a car to tow ski.

Dog Sledding

Afro Ken loves sledding!

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January 7th, 2011

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