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The Late Movies: Every Major’s Terrible

Two years ago I wrote an article on the webcomic xkcd and the influence it has on its fans. We had another example this week. Monday, Randall Munroe posted a comic called Every Major’s Terrible. It was a multi-panel comic about the difficulty of selecting a college major, with rhyming lyrics we were told went to the tune of “I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General.” There are three verses in total.

It wasn’t very long before I was contacted by Errol, who within a few hours of the comic’s publication, had made a video of himself singing the song.

When I went to YouTube, there were already a half-dozen or so singing versions.

Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa sang and Carrie played the piano -and she sang along on the chorus.

This one is by David Dalrymple.

Alex Muller preferred to to appear on camera himself, but gave the video to the comic so you can follow along.

This version is from the videographer ignisaer, who bravely sang a cappella.*

NotEvenScience labeled her video An Exercise in Bravery. Then I saw she named all her videos that.

Randall Munroe mentioned Tom Lehrer’s “The Element Song” in case you didn’t know the Gilbert and Sullivan tune. Or that you could use the tune to “Supercalifragilistiexpialidicious” if you preferred. And that’s what YouTube member ConsultACryptanalyst did.

YouTube member helidanx also used the Mary Poppins tune, and played the guitar, too.

Canadian singer xaveruth did all the musical parts himself!

Ben Miller accompanied himself on piano, looking a lot like Tom Lehrer as he does so. And sounding like Lehrer, too!

And these are not all of them. You can find more people recreating the xkcd comic with a musical performance at YouTube. Just click on any of these and find related videos to the right.

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May 11th, 2012

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