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The Late Movies: Christmas with Darth Vader

Darth Vader’s Christmas

A Storm Trooper has to think fast when he forgets to get Darth a Christmas gift!

Darth Hates Christmas

Despite a cute gift and caroling Storm Troopers, Darth just can’t catch the spirit.

How Darth Vader (Sort of) Saved Christmas

It’s the plot from The Santa Clause, starring Lord Vader.

The Sith who Stole Christmas

Darth makes a much better Grinch than a Santa Claus.

A Very Vader Christmas

This is what happens when a 3D developer gets bored. The second half is better, if you want to skip forward.

Darth Conducts a Choir

The Ottawa Regional Youth Choir serenades the students of Algonquin College as a surprise flashmob event. With Darth Vader as a special guest conductor.

Merry Christmas from Darth Vader

Or at least James Earl Jones.

Star Wars House Lights

With both the main theme and the Imperial March. I don’t think this is George Lucas’ house. It might be Darth’s.

OK, now for the reward for reading down this far. It’s a really neat Star Wars-related Christmas video I know you’ll like. Better get a hanky ready.

The Best Christmas I Ever Had

Darren Hayes shares the story of a truly memorable Christmas from his childhood. He later grew up to form half the musical duo Savage Garden. The song is the instrumental version of “Bloodstained Heart” from his latest album Secret Codes and Battleships.

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December 23rd, 2011

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