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The Late Movies: Baby Goats

A little goat named Buttermilk Sky took the internet by storm this week, but she’s only one of many adorable kids you can enjoy watching …without having to clean up after!

Bouncing Baby Buttermilk Sky

Only one of these baby goats has had her morning coffee already. Can you guess which one? I thought you could. These goats live at Took A Leap Farm in Houlton, Maine. Buttermilk Sky is the 5-week old Nigerian dwarf goat bouncing all around. She’s become so popular in the past week that she now has her own Facebook page!

Pygmy Goat Kid

This baby was a rescue and was being bottle-raised. Here she frolics in the park.

The Office Goat

There is really no good explanation for having a goat in the office, but there you are.

Charlie and Lily

Charlie and Lily are only six days old in this video.

Bouncing Kids in Sweaters

Baby goats in cute little sweaters jump around on the porch with a little girl. Squee! I bet those sweaters are angora.

Goat Massage

Goats don’t charge as much as a professional masseuse, either.

Teaching a Kid to Jump

Do you really have to teach them? Or is she just doing this for fun?

Bouncing Baby

This is Quaver, a baby Pygmy goat, learning to jump and climb. Her mother is on the left.

Bonus: Singing Goat

Not a bouncing baby, but you might enjoy this goat singing a duet with Usher.

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August 3rd, 2012

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