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The Late Movies: April Fool’s Day 2011

In case you weren’t everywhere on the internet today, here are some of the videos that were created especially for April Fool’s Day 2011.

Darth Vader’s Ice Cream Truck

Imagine an ice cream truck rolling into your neighborhood playing that tune -woudln’t you grab some cash as fast as you can? Admiral Snackbar, indeed! This is an advertisement for Star Wars Popsicles, one of many April Fool’s Day items from Think Geek.

The Hundstol High Chair

A new high chair designed specifically for dogs is offered from IKEA of Australia. Only $59.00! Here’s the handy sales link.

Introducing Gmail Motion

This new system of mail is in the beta phase now. However, if you are a gmail user, you can sign up to try it out.

Jar Jar Takes the Subway

Jar Jar rides a New York subway train. A mission from Improv Everywhere ends exactly as you would expect.

Being a Google Autocompleter

Google is hiring new “autocompleters”! Do you have what it takes for the job?

President Barack Obama’s First Ad of 2012

The Republican National Senatorial Committee posted this on their YouTube channel, but if it was ever on their website, I can’t find it. It was tagged *Not actually an Obama 2012 ad*

Top 5 Viral Pictures of 1911

YouTube combines vintage footage, special effects, and modern memes to salute the viral videos of 100 years ago with this top 5 countdown. Some sites posted this as “YouTube’s 100th Anniversary,” but the video page makes no such claims. However, it does have links to the videos that inspired each of these vignettes.

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April 1st, 2011

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