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The Late Movies: Animals on Piano

My kitten waits until long after everyone is retired for the night and then announces to the entire house that someone forgot to close the piano. She is only one in a long line of talented and not-so-talented creatures who play piano.

Keyboard Cat

Charlie Schmidt created the original keyboard cat video with his cat Fatso in 1986. The rediscovery of this treasured recording in 2007 led to an internet meme called Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat! See more videos at the Keyboard Cat site. However, cats aren’t the only animals who love to play the piano, electronic or not.

River Otter Plays Piano

This is Dua, a rover otter at the Monterrey Bay Aquarium. The keyboard is an enrichment exercise for her.

Dog Improvises on Bells



He’s tiny but he known how to make a noise!

Guinea Pig

Penelope having fun.

Dog Plays and Sings

Porter seems to be in love with the sound of his own voice!

Another Self-Accompaniment

Tucker the Schnoodle is a diva!

Practice Makes Purr-fect

Nora loves to play the piano! Nora’s owner is a piano teacher, and has two pianos. Nora helped herself to the unused one to play along.

Nora, the Sequel

Since these videos became hits, Nora has played released a book and a CD. She also had an orchestral piece composed around her talents. See more videos here.

Iggy on the iPad

Only a portion of this video involves Iggy the cat playing a virtual iPad keyboard, but the whole thing is a hoot!

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