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The Late Movies: A Different POV

Electronic miniaturization means we have really small digital video cameras now, and people attach them to all kinds of things to get a POV (point of view) sequence. Here are some memorable places cameras have recorded from.

Stolen by a Seagull

An awesome video, but not quite accidental. The consensus is that the camera owner was trying to get footage for a Go Pro camera ad.

Under a Skateboard

Josh Maready explains how this video came about at his site.


Jeremiah Warren attached a small (and tough) camera to fireworks and captured quite a few POV sequences. Some launches had the camera facing up and some were facing down.

From the Mouth of a Lion

Photographer Roger de la Harpe laid a running camera down when he retreated from a pride of lionesses in Tswalu Kalahari Game Reserve in South Africa. Read his account of the adventure.

A two-year-old’s POV

Dad strapped a camera to his child’s head to see the world through her eyes.


This is the POV of a goat, but the Russian description has no other information.

Inside a Hula Hoop


On a Helicopter Rotor

This may be going too far, but it is pretty neat. Beware that it may induce vertigo. The camera speed and the rotor speed are synched as well as they can be.

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