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NYC QR Code Hunt Details

It’s almost time for our big QR Code Hunt in NYC! Who’s almost ready to win a new car?!

On Tuesday morning, at pricesly 10:30am, we will announce your four starting locations right here on this blog (also on the following Twitter accounts: @mental_floss, @neatorama, @resila

The locations will be roughly around the Upper West Side, the Upper East Side, the West Village and the East Village. Once we tell you the exact locations, you’ll have 30 minutes to prepare and decide which one you want to use as your starting location.

When you arrive at the starting location, you’ll need to quickly register by signing a release form. At 11am, sharp, we’ll unveil the first QR code in each of the four locations. And the clock will start ticking. Will subway be faster? Will a taxi be faster? Will a bicycle be faster? Will running be faster? No one really knows!

All we know is that somewhere in the city, there’s a brand new Ford Fiesta hiding! The first person (or team, if you’d rather) to touch the car and tell us the locations of all the QR codes you found along the route (there will only be 3 others after the first), WINS THE CAR!

You can also win some fun mental_floss and neatorama swag along the route as our monitors will be handing out prizes to random winners. So come on down to the Big Apple and meet some other _flossers and have a fun time! Oh, and if you missed all our posts about QR code, how they work and the free readers you can download, check that out here.

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December 19th, 2010

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