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Ads presents our Oct. HDYK Winners!


On behalf of the good folks over, Josh Halbur and I are thrilled to announce this month’s winners: Jon Hammond took the Motionbox premium membership and Kit Hughes won the HD cam. Working with their teams, each turned in all the right answers along the trail.

As did most of you who entered! So a big congrats to everyone who got through D5L2! Here, then, are your winning answers:

Final Answer

Peter Gabriel sung about Howard Hughes on The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

Day 1

Movies, clockwise from top left:
1. Amadeus
2. Batman
3. Phantom of the Opera
4. Spider Man
5. V for Vendetta
6. original Star Wars


(J)uly (A)ugust (S)eptember (O)ctober (N)ovember = Jason

Very good!
Our Halloween-themed How Did You Know? continues
on this page, where many hidden clues
related to a classic horror film appear. When you
have found at least two of the clues, or
enough to figure out the title of the movie,
enter into the box the name of the U.S.
state where the original film took place.
(Jason’s last name in Friday the 13th)


the date Friday the 13th

= Friday the 13th, filmed in New Jersey

Dracula (1931)
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931)
The Wolf Man (1941)

We also would have accepted the following:
Three of the films were released by Universal, one by Paramount; three involved transformations, one did not; three were adaptations, one was original.

Day 2

Conan, Homer, and Einstein
Conan wrote for the Simpsons
Albert Brooks also does voices on the Simpsons
The Beast is a type of Brooks-branded shoe
Answer = Albert Brooks, who was born Albert Einstein

1. Rolos
2. Snickers
3. Whoppers
4. Almond Joy
5. Zero

The rules for the colors are as follows:
Blue – inserted into the paragraph
Orange – contained an extra ‘e’
Pink – vowel shift ‘a’ to ‘e’ to ‘I’ to ‘o’ to ‘u’ to ‘a’
Green – second to last letter should be the first letter
Light pink – nothing
Gray – move the first letter to the end of the word
Aqua – ‘e’ should be ‘o’
Red – missing ‘u’
Black – switch the position of the two vowels
As usual you can only crack the code by figuring out the rules that govern each set of colored words. The blue words that have been inserted into this paragraph are the important ones. To figure out the name of the game we are looking for, you must reverse the order of both the blue letters in each blue word, and then reverse the order of the blue words themselves. Once you do this, circle the last letter of each. The twelve combine to spell out your final answer to today’s challenge.

Gniht not itiz bud bur oitap bals esoht llif poc pot apap
Thing ton ziti dub rub patio slab those fill cop top papa
Papa top cop fill those slab patio rub dub ziti ton thing =
Apple Bobbing

Day 3

The video features the red ghost, Blinky, from the Pac Man series of games. The theme music also plays in the background.

All of the pictures represent Stephen King novels/stories

Clockwise from top left
1. Salem’s Lot
2. Carrie (1974)
3. Insomnia (also would have accepted Night Shift or Dream Catcher)
4. Bag of Bones
5. Cell
6. The Shining

Michael Jackson – Thriller
Rage Against the Machine – The Ghost of Tom Joad
Iron Maiden – The Apparition
Psychedelic Furs – The Ghost in You
Tori Amos – Happy Phantom
The Police – Spirits in the Material World (From Ghosts in the Machine album)

Day 4

Story – Ledgend of Sleepy Hollow, Washington Irving
Protagonist: Ichabod Crane
Hi = Hello


He has a cold soul – Frost
He’s a fruit – Barry
He’s also a Good Man – Benny
He’s colorful – Black
He’s only got a day – Bauer
He’s foggy – London
He’s sour – Lemmon
He’s a sailor and a flier – Sparrow
He’s clumsy – Tripper
He’s on the road – Kerouac
He’s presidential – Kennedy
He does choose Chevrolet – Pickford
He gets teed off – Nicklaus
He’s also a hunter – Thompson
He’s the son of a dark prince – Osbourne
Heeeeeeee’s a killer – Torrance

Role for Nicholson: Jack Torrance, The Shining.

Day 5

Latitude 35 degrees 21 minutes 33 seconds
Amadeus is about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who died in 1791 at the age of 35.
Crystal Lake (11 letters) + Cunningham (10 letters) = 21.
Ashrita Furman bobbed 33 apples in one minute.

Longitude -117 degrees 53 minutes 15 seconds
Sweet Talk Snickers. 1930 – 1968 = -38
-38X3 = -114
-114-3 = -117
Marylin Monroe guest starred on The Jack Benny Show in 1953
There are 15 songs (11 A and 4 B Side) on The Ghost in the Machine.

The coordinates land you square on Saltdale, California.

Howard Hughes is the famous plane tester. He is mentioned in the song Broadway Melody of 1974 on the album The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway.

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