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Guerrilla City Planning

A few years ago, I wrote a short fictional newspaper article about “guerrilla city planners.” In the story, these rogues painted “keep clear” signs and put up stop and yield signs wherever they were needed. While a recent review of the story reminded me that it wasn’t very well-written, I still had to give myself a pat on the back—the article was ahead of its time!

In Cranston, Rhode Island, the safety services and licenses committee recently voted to keep hundreds of unauthorized street signs that had been installed in places that really needed them. The plan now goes to the full council, which will take it up Feb. 28.

From The Providence Journal:

City officials found that of the 675 signs:

•121 had been installed by state Department of Transportation workers on city roads that intersect state roads, following a state statute that requires a motorist to stop before entering a state road.

•317 had been approved by previous police chiefs under a 1954 ordinance that gave the police chiefs the power to authorize the sign installation (67 of the 317 police-approved signs have since been added to the books).

That leaves 304 signs unaccounted for. Who put up those signs, city officials said, is anyone’s guess.

So a sign-wielding maniac certainly could be the culprit!

Could your town use the help of a guerrilla city planner? What would you add or change?

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February 16th, 2011

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