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Flo and Kay: the World’s Only Female Autistic Identical Twin Savants

I’ve been doing a bit of research on autism lately, and yesterday I ran across an episode of a show called Extraordinary People that profiles an amazing pair of identical twin sisters. They’re autistic savants who can perform incredible feats of memory, and they are completely — completely — obsessed with Dick Clark and the game show he hosted from 1973-1988, The $100,000 Pyramid. According to experts in autism and savantism (discrete syndromes which often coincide) there are no other known female identical twin savants in the world; Flo and Kay are unique. This program, which runs about fifty minutes, delves into their troubled early lives, their incredible abilities, and follows them as they meet Dick Clark and develop a kind of daughterly relationship with him over a period of several years. It’s absolutely fascinating and unusually moving, and I thought I’d share the whole program right here. Here’s the first of six parts:

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February 25th, 2011

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