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Fantastic Photos of Volcanic Lightning

When volcanoes erupt, they are often accompanied by a massive lightning storm that brightens the sky even as the thick clouds of ash fills the air. Scientists still don’t completely understand volcanic lightning, but they believe it may be caused by the static charges created by the swirling clouds of ash.

While attempting to uncover the reason for these storms, scientists are put in a lot of danger. Physicist Paul Krehbiel explained on an expedition to Mount Redoubt, an active volcano in Alaska, that “the lightning activity was as strong or stronger than we have seen in large Midwestern thunderstorms. The radio frequency noise was so strong and continuous that people living in the area would not have been able to watch broadast VHF television stations.”

Although the phenomenon is still unexplained, it is undoubtedly gorgeous when caught on camera as you can see through these amazing images on WebEcoist.

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February 23rd, 2011

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