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Companies Americans Love to Hate (the Most)

The good people over at The Atlantic recently reviewed the American Customer Satisfaction Index and compiled a list of the 19 Most Hated Companies in America. The list includes all the usual suspects that you’ve probably had actual or virtual run-ins with, for all the reasons you would put them atop a list you might mentally make for the sake of personal edification.

Americans hate banks because of excessive and often hidden fees; they hate airlines for flight delays and insultingly rapacious baggage fees; they hate utilities services for billing “problems” and service disruptions; they hate health care providers for providing health care they subsequently can’t afford; and they hate communications companies for dropped calls and intentionally confusing billing practices. Oh, and they hate all of these companies for universally inept and inefficient customer service.

One company whose inclusion surprised me was MySpace (#9), because I can’t believe anyone would take the time to fill out a survey complaining about it. Facebook made the list, too (#10).

Here’s the rest of the top 10:

8. American Airlines

7. United Airlines

6. U.S. Airways

5. Charter Communications

4. Comcast

3. Time Warner Cable

2. Delta

1. Potomac Electric (Pepco)

Check out the full list here. What companies not listed would make your Top 19?

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